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The Hanky-Panky Striptease

This page has a video link of Ursula Martinez performing a magic trick. The video is for adults only and involves nudity, so be warned. It's a fantastic trick, but it's not for anyone under 18 years old. Your continuing to read what's on this page constitutes your agreement that you are over 18 years old.

Originally this video was made in Montreal, Canada, and it's upload to the Internet was unauthorized. Soon, however, the video went viral. It is now easy enough to find on most video websites.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the Hanky -Panky “Striptease” from the website of Ursula Martinez.

Hanky Panky is a five minute choreographed magic strip-tease. The act uses a simple disappearing handkerchief conjuring trick at its core.

Martinez enters stage fully clothed. She performs the trick and the hanky disappears. It reappears from her jacket pocket. The jacket is removed. The hanky disappears again and reappears from her skirt. The skirt is removed. During the course of the act, Martinez continues to make the handkerchief disappear and re-appear from her various items of clothing, which she then removes.

Finally Martinez is completely naked. Once again she performs the trick and the handkerchief disappears. With a grand finale flourish, Martinez retrieves the handkerchief from a truly magical place...

So, Watch the Video at your own risk!

Ursula Martinez in Montreal, Canada, performs an amazing strip-tease magic trick. Be warned though, your wife may not want you to watch!

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